What Happens When?

I thought I'd let you know what David's week is going to look like. I realized I haven't yet posted any kind of timeline/calendar of events for David's time in Ethiopia. Here we go...
Friday the 20th, David and Diana leave Rome very late at night and arrive in Addis on Saturday morning.
Saturday the 21st, David and Diana get settled into our agency's guest house and have a de-briefing with agency staff about Zenabu. This is when they will receive a packet of information all about Zenabu--current medicals, temperment, personality, likes and dislikes, and photos. It helps prepare David. The rest of Saturday, David will be able to be with Zenabu at the care center. I can't WAIT.
Sunday the 22nd. David and Diana are taking a round-trip drive to the area Zenabu lived before he was relinquished. They will have the opportunity to get out of Addis, see the landscape where Zenabu lived, and possibly meet any living birth relatives (should they choose to show up).
Monday the 23rd. Play with Zenabu, shopping, whatever.
Tuesday the 24th. Embassy day. You go to the embassy and submit your paperwork for a visa for your child to enter the US. (I don't think I'll sleep very well until I know this is over and done with and the paperwork is all good). It doesn't take very long, so David and Zenabu and Diana will still have lots of time to do other things.
Wednesday the 25th. This is the day David will probably take full custody of Zenabu, and Zenabu can stay with David at the guest house.
Thursday and Friday, the 26th and 27th. More shopping, sightseeing, playing, napping, a farewell ceremony for Zenabu.
Friday the 27th, they leave Addis VERY LATE at night and fly straight through to Washington D.C. They transfer to Denver, where I will be standing in a puddle of tears, waiting for my son to join our family.
Hope this helps...

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