Sick of Paperwork

Z and I took a little trip to the Social Security office to get him a number. As tax day looms ever closer, I realized I was cutting it a bit close and needed to get this errand done. Unless you have been through an international adoption, I don't think I can accurately describe the amount of paperwork involved. Z has been with us almost a year, and I am still not finished. Nevertheless, we braved the waiting room, took a number, and proceeded to devote ourselves to waiting. My first sharp intake of breath occured on the application form itself. I, as the parent, had to sign my name and check that I was either the "natural or adoptive" parent. If you didn't already know, using the term "natural" is a huge no-no. Completely insulting to adoptive families. Next was the not-so-nice government employee who berated me for not knowing exactly where Zinabu was born. I told her, "Gee, it would be wonderful for us to know that, but we don't." She gave several exasperated sighs as she clicked away on her computer. I would have thought that leaving fields blank on her form would have been less work for her, but she acted awfully put out. And to top it off, we haven't filed for Z's certificate of citizenship yet (gee--could it be the almost $600 it costs to do it that is holding us back?), so this card only shows Z's alien status. We'll have to get an updated card after his citizenship paperwork is done. It reeeaaallly irks me that our legally adopting him doesn't make him a citizen. Just rotten. And one more point before I get off my soap box! If you are particularly angry about "illegal aliens" in our country, then YOU try navigating the crazy amounts of paperwork--that make NO sense--in another language. I can't even figure them out and English is my first language. Geesh.

So we came home and I let Zinabu ride his bike inside because THAT'S THE KIND OF MOM I AM!


Big News!

Ready? Are you on the edge of your seat? Wait for it...
Carver is sick. Yep. Here we go again. He was so not himself all day (as in turning down food) and looks pretty green around the gills. I am hoping that it's just a worn-out-need-to-lay-low-for-a-day kind of virus. I don't think I can handle more days and days of illness. So I'm off to wash my hands and hope for the best.


Guess What?
You're probably part African. Check it out:


Lily, who likes making lists and labeling things, said this last night:
I wish someone would write in spray paint "mountain" on the mountains. Really big so everyone could read it. And they could write "big mountain" on the biggest mountain and "little mountain" on the smaller ones.
How many laws would I be breaking if I did that for her?


Need To, Want To, Should Do...

I need to do some laundry and get a physical tomorrow (yeck!).

I want to take a long nap and read a good book.

I should update my blog links. So many other blogs I read now that aren't on my links list. Not to mention just general upkeep on my blog.

How about you?


MAJOR news around here is that we are sssllllooowwwlllyyy pulling away from dinosaur books with Z and he is actually requesting new titles. The last few times we went to the library, I told him we've read all the dinosaur books and we should try something new. Hooray. He agreed. We did get more Jane Yolen/Mark Teague "How A Dinosaur..." books, but those can't count since they're illustrated storybooks. But Z LOVES this Grumpy Bird book. I think he can identify with being grumpy (can't we all?) and he loves seeing another character act grouchy.

I hope this book trend is one that continues for a long time.


I See The Light!

The light at the end of the tunnel, that is. I am soooo much better. It felt so wonderful to wake up this morning and my first thought wasn't, "Eeee gads!" So things are looking up around here. The three-day weekend is a huge blessing, as it gives us lots of family time and lets Carver and Lily enjoy their first sick-free weekend in a while. We have no plans--just rest and play time. Although the kids have a little side business going: tattoo parlor.

Looks like someone needs lotion. But he won't let me near that tattoo!


Blast It!!!

I am still sick. Really sick. Not kinda sick where I drag it out just a little bit longer for some attention, but plain ole sick. Every night I go to bed thinking, "I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow." But my Pollyanna attitude has not changed the germs in my body as of yet.

I wanted to scan wedding pix of David and me and get all mushy and romantic for Valentine's Day, but instead I am hopped up on awful, putrid, (oh my goodness there is NO word for it) cough medicine and taking my sniffling self to bed. With a box of chocolates. From David.

He rocks.


Daily Racism

I have a hard time with people who tell me they don't think racism really exists anymore. (For example: "You know, it's so much better these days--heck...everyone can vote.") Read what happened to my friend Courtney HERE.

It still happens, people. ALL.... THE... TIME!
Levels of Sleep Deprivation

This is not a photo of my bed (still, isn't it lovely?) but just looking at this picture makes me woozy with sleep. I am trying to figure out if I have slept through the night at all in the last 10 nights. It's a funny process, because I'm so sleep deprived how can I even think straight long enough to remember? (Note to self: do NOT balance the checkbook today!) Last night I was up most of the night with Carver as he hacked his way through the midnight hours. I am still trying to shake my cold, so what little sleep I had was interrupted by my sore throat and congestion. I think there have only been one or two times in my role as mom that I've been tempted to buy a one-way ticket to London, but this morning is certainly headed in that direction. I should get off the computer so I don't make my way to the British Airways website. I did get to the grocery store with Z yesterday, and I was able to attend a school meeting last night. But some sleep would be really nice. And it isn't any better for Stacy and Lucy at their house. Pray for Lucy, please.
Hope your day goes well.


8 Things About Zinabu

1. He talks all the time. Truly--all the time. We have to give him a talking time out so other people can have a chance to converse. He even talks in his sleep.
2. Hates wearing socks and shoes. He can throw a massive tantrum over the way his socks feel.
3. Thinks french fries are called chrench chries.
4. Truly believes, deep down in his heart, he can run as fast as a cheetah.
5. The louder and crazier the music, the better.
6. Will eat anything.
7. To show affection, he will wrap his arms around you and rub his cheek against yours. It melts my heart.
8. Has some angst that he was not born a superhero.

So far he has skipped the germs floating around in our family. Here's the latest:
Lily: Better
Carver: A cough that won't go away
Cathy: Sick
David: Sick
Zinabu: Not sick and has way too much energy!


Lily is on the mend! Hooray! But the barking seal--alas--is Carver. He's up in his bed right now and no matter where I am in the house I can hear his horrible cough. Sounds just like a seal on its last breath! Poor guy. I have been cooped up in the house for what feels like an eternity. I asked, begged, let's face it--cried on my hands and knees--for my mom to come over so I could have an hour to myself. I got my hair cut! Whoopie. It's a swanky little place that massages your scalp when they wash your hair. I think I moaned. I am now no better rested or in any better mood to keep on taking care of sick kids, but at least my hair looks nice.


Life Is Nice When...

You have a few special things to call your own. Since I've started making and selling jewelry on Etsy, I have discovered some of the prettiest, nicest items. Everything from pillows and scarves to lip balm and soaps--all handmade. I feel strange talking about myself (notice I have no problem talking a LOT about my kids), so all I will say is that I've been thrilled to be able to develop a craft and see it get into other people's hands.

But now for the goodies! See that mug? It's an enormous 20 ouncer that keeps me full of coffee and tea and makes me smile every time I pick it up. Check out the artist's shop HERE. And as a little treat for those mornings I don't want to get up, I have some lava lemongrass soap to motivate me to face the day. Absolutely yummy--made by SpartaSoap HERE. I have to be careful and not spend all the money we have in savings at Etsy, but if you're looking for amazing, unique items, you just can't go wrong.


Here's The Scoop

This is the most miserable girl in the world. Day 4 of high fever and feeling crummy. There's a raging snow storm today, but we had to go to the doctor. Sure enough, she has a sinus infection. Then it was off to Target where we had to wait for her antibiotic to get filled. Poor Lily was just shaking like a leaf and wanted me to hold her. Finally made it back home where we tucked her back in on the couch with water, more water, and movies. Poor little thing.

Meanwhile... my work station is a mess. (That's a soldering iron--not a curling iron.) I really need to clean that up, as well as the rest of the house. Oh, and a hot shower wouldn't hurt, either.

What's the easiest meal to make when you have sick kids and no time to be in the kitchen? Dump a few chicken breasts in a crock-pot with 1/3 jar of BBQ sauce. Slow-cook 'em for a few hours, shred the chicken, add the rest of the sauce, and serve on buns for BBQ chicken sandwiches. Works for me!


Still Sick!

Well, Bun Bun is fine, actually. She's completely recovered from her surgery. If you are looking into pets, I highly recommend a rabbit. She's the sweetest (read: noiseless) easiest pet. And she uses a litter box. Way to go Bun Bun.

Lily is a sicky-poo. She had a cold last week, seemed to get over it, then woke up on Saturday with a nasty fever and plenty of snot. Her fever just won't go away. And I can't find the thermometer (way to go, Mom!). I just keep kissing her forehead to see how warm she is. So more days of laying low, snuggles on the couch, and sleepless nights. I hope she's better tomorrow.


I Promise...
If you will stop growing up so fast, I will give you $1,000 to blow at Chuck E. Cheese for a fantastic bash. Please?


Indoor Play

Some kind of fort was created using the couch cushions, kitchen stools, tent, and various other items. Oh, and there's a rabbit in there too. Did I mention we discovered Bun Bun is a she and not a he? Lily was especially pleased to add another female to the household.

We've had various colds, fevers, and snowy days--which have led to a lot of indoor play. Fine with me, but I can't help but be glad we're through January.