Lily, who likes making lists and labeling things, said this last night:
I wish someone would write in spray paint "mountain" on the mountains. Really big so everyone could read it. And they could write "big mountain" on the biggest mountain and "little mountain" on the smaller ones.
How many laws would I be breaking if I did that for her?


hotflawedmama said...

Um, none.....I think anything "for my kids" doesn't break any laws..but I could be wrong. :)

Jim Casperson said...

Ah, I can see that Lily will be a Park Ranger in future life.

Sorry people are sick, this seems to be the winter of virus and bacteria.

Christina said...

You should buy Lily a labelmaker for her birthday! They have some really fun cheap ones that have all sorts of cool label colors - even magnetic label tape so you can make your own fridge poem centers.

Can you tell I'm a huge labeler, too? I hope I have a Lily somewhere in the future. :)