I See The Light!

The light at the end of the tunnel, that is. I am soooo much better. It felt so wonderful to wake up this morning and my first thought wasn't, "Eeee gads!" So things are looking up around here. The three-day weekend is a huge blessing, as it gives us lots of family time and lets Carver and Lily enjoy their first sick-free weekend in a while. We have no plans--just rest and play time. Although the kids have a little side business going: tattoo parlor.

Looks like someone needs lotion. But he won't let me near that tattoo!


Chatter said...

They look like they are having soooo much fun! You are way cool mom and dad!

Heather & Adam said...

How fun!
Tell the kids I am in the market for a new tattoo...Any ideas??
So glad you are feeling better!