Levels of Sleep Deprivation

This is not a photo of my bed (still, isn't it lovely?) but just looking at this picture makes me woozy with sleep. I am trying to figure out if I have slept through the night at all in the last 10 nights. It's a funny process, because I'm so sleep deprived how can I even think straight long enough to remember? (Note to self: do NOT balance the checkbook today!) Last night I was up most of the night with Carver as he hacked his way through the midnight hours. I am still trying to shake my cold, so what little sleep I had was interrupted by my sore throat and congestion. I think there have only been one or two times in my role as mom that I've been tempted to buy a one-way ticket to London, but this morning is certainly headed in that direction. I should get off the computer so I don't make my way to the British Airways website. I did get to the grocery store with Z yesterday, and I was able to attend a school meeting last night. But some sleep would be really nice. And it isn't any better for Stacy and Lucy at their house. Pray for Lucy, please.
Hope your day goes well.

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