Still Sick!

Well, Bun Bun is fine, actually. She's completely recovered from her surgery. If you are looking into pets, I highly recommend a rabbit. She's the sweetest (read: noiseless) easiest pet. And she uses a litter box. Way to go Bun Bun.

Lily is a sicky-poo. She had a cold last week, seemed to get over it, then woke up on Saturday with a nasty fever and plenty of snot. Her fever just won't go away. And I can't find the thermometer (way to go, Mom!). I just keep kissing her forehead to see how warm she is. So more days of laying low, snuggles on the couch, and sleepless nights. I hope she's better tomorrow.


Heather & Adam said...

Poor Lily! Having a sick kid is the worst! Last time Charlie had a fever, I had to borrow my MIL's thermometer, because I washed our nice fancy one with a load of clothes. Oh, mommyness. I am sure she will be better soon. :)
Oh, and you're right, Target was the only place that had cute stuff to choose from! I found that awesome pair of jeans there. Love that Target.
I'll be looking for your 8!
Oh, did you see my link to your blog on my blog? Hehe...

Deirdre said...

Poor thing! I hope she starts feeling better soon (Bun-Bun, too).