Blast It!!!

I am still sick. Really sick. Not kinda sick where I drag it out just a little bit longer for some attention, but plain ole sick. Every night I go to bed thinking, "I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow." But my Pollyanna attitude has not changed the germs in my body as of yet.

I wanted to scan wedding pix of David and me and get all mushy and romantic for Valentine's Day, but instead I am hopped up on awful, putrid, (oh my goodness there is NO word for it) cough medicine and taking my sniffling self to bed. With a box of chocolates. From David.

He rocks.


Mrs. Baker said...

I was so sick for two weeks and finally knuckled down and took an antibiotic yesterday. Hate to take them but this could not go on forever. So much better today. The first day I have felt like doing anything in 2 wks.

Deirdre said...

Oh, Cathy, I'm hurting for you! It's got to get better soon, right? I'm rooting for you.

Anne said...

Yuck! Please take care and feel better soon.