Sick of Paperwork

Z and I took a little trip to the Social Security office to get him a number. As tax day looms ever closer, I realized I was cutting it a bit close and needed to get this errand done. Unless you have been through an international adoption, I don't think I can accurately describe the amount of paperwork involved. Z has been with us almost a year, and I am still not finished. Nevertheless, we braved the waiting room, took a number, and proceeded to devote ourselves to waiting. My first sharp intake of breath occured on the application form itself. I, as the parent, had to sign my name and check that I was either the "natural or adoptive" parent. If you didn't already know, using the term "natural" is a huge no-no. Completely insulting to adoptive families. Next was the not-so-nice government employee who berated me for not knowing exactly where Zinabu was born. I told her, "Gee, it would be wonderful for us to know that, but we don't." She gave several exasperated sighs as she clicked away on her computer. I would have thought that leaving fields blank on her form would have been less work for her, but she acted awfully put out. And to top it off, we haven't filed for Z's certificate of citizenship yet (gee--could it be the almost $600 it costs to do it that is holding us back?), so this card only shows Z's alien status. We'll have to get an updated card after his citizenship paperwork is done. It reeeaaallly irks me that our legally adopting him doesn't make him a citizen. Just rotten. And one more point before I get off my soap box! If you are particularly angry about "illegal aliens" in our country, then YOU try navigating the crazy amounts of paperwork--that make NO sense--in another language. I can't even figure them out and English is my first language. Geesh.

So we came home and I let Zinabu ride his bike inside because THAT'S THE KIND OF MOM I AM!


Heather & Adam said...

You rule!
Oh, the joys of social security.
Our guy was actually kinda nice to us, and we still haven't finalized in our state. The paperwork never ends! I am so ready for that damn court date.
You really do rule, by the way.

Stacy said...

thanks Cathy, you totally reminded me that I have to use my tax return to get the COC ... there goes the new stroller.

Jim Casperson said...

Yep, illegal aliens. The stock all of us came from. If our forefathers weren't illegal here, they sure as heck were illegal where they came from. If we had the three processing centers now that they had for the 1800's (Boston, Philly and New York) and in the same size, we would be processing 20,000 people per day (comparing size of the country then to amount of people immigrating) as compared to size and number of immigrants.

Social security administration is only quick when you call in to notify of the death of a member of the family, and that is done in less than five minutes.

if you have a copy of the application for the SS#, put in the space for the SS# "Applied For" on your tax return and attach the application papers to the return.

They (IRS) don't like it, but it will keep them from sending you a letter asking for the same thing down the road.

7 more work days after today, and then I can come take your kids out for an afternoon of stuff uncles do for grins.

Mrs. Baker said...

Oh Little Z - How I missed that smile! It has been awhile without the pics.

Now that I have seen little Habi's hair I can no longer lock it like I was planning. I would love your tips on how you keep little Z's hair so fabulous!

If you wouldnt mind emailing when you get a chance.


Tiny's Mom said...

Ugh! I hated the social security office! Our lady was SO confused with the Ethiopian paperwork-"Why does it say she was born in July of 1999 AND March 2007?" She was utterly confused which I think actually worked to our advantage because she issued her # under her new name even though we didn't have proof of a change :)

Chatter said...

I'm dreading the paperwork after we get Biruk home... Yuck!

Love the pic of Z. He is adorable.

Orrange said...

when we went to get Sam's passport (we didn't get the COC yet, just opted for the passport for now... until we have the moola for the COC) the lady actually told me that "oh yes he DOES have a birth certificate from India" oh YES, YOU must be right, i'm not his mom, and I didn't go through all this process and paperwork and travel half way around the world to pick him up. NO HE DOESN'T HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE YOU DOOFUS! Trust me I'm not just playing these games with you and holding out on his birth certificate b/c i think it's FUN!

crazy people.