Maybe It's Time
to quit blogging. I mean, really. We're past the excitement of our Ethiopian adoption, which was the reason I began this blog in the first place. I'm also past the excitement of our move and kid transitions. And I'm currently only blogging once every three to seven days. What does that all add up to?


With a capital B.

I just started a new job at Carver and Lily's middle school, so I'm never, ever home anymore (at least that's how it feels). I'm also wrapped up in life with my family, so taking time away from them to work on the computer just isn't as easy as it used to be. And I'm mostly exhausted with life right now and coming up with "fun blog topics" kinda sucks.

So... I don't know where I'm going with all this yet, but suffice it to say that if you're looking for engaging reading material, you're not likely to find it here.


What We're Reading
I'm telling you... we are reading our little tushies off around here. Even Lily! And you know how rare that is.
Without further ado, I give you:

David recently finished this one. It was required reading for a lot of staff in our school district, but David was onto it months ago. He was reading it sporadically over the summer and finally wrapped it up. None of the information was new to him, but it is presented in a way that is a must-read for anyone that is engaged with young minds.

I just (as in yesterday) finished this little number. I was doing some research in the library on anxiety (trying to help Lily) and stumbled across Agorafabulous!* I love this book so, so much. The author is hilarious, but candidly shares her life story and struggle with a little bit of OCD, a lot of panic attacks and anxiety, her breakdown when she could not leave her apartment, and her recovery with medicine, doctors, and a lot of hard work. I would love to meet her in person someday. If you have never had anyone in your life, family, or circle of friends struggle with mental illness, then congratulations. Mental illness remains woefully misunderstood and isolating and I appreciate Sara's bravery in telling her story.
*Note: the woman has a potty mouth. Big time. If you are easily offended by a lot of F-bombs, then this may not be your new favorite bedtime reading.

Carver is reading some awesome futuristic post-apocalyptic story that has him removed from the family for most hours of the day. He is working his way through the list of 20 books recommended by his middle school library. Carver wants to finish all 20, and he is really enjoying this one.

Let's see... which member of the family could possibly be reading a book on agility training for dogs? If you guessed Lily, you'd be correct.

Zinabu has more or less freaked us out with what he can now read. It's almost as if he skipped second and third and fourth grade books and went straight to fifth. It breaks my heart a little because I feel like he missed an entire genre of stories, but he's incredibly engaged in all the Rick Riordan series and can't. get. enough.

Life just isn't as sweet without a good book--at least for me. I'd love to hear which page-turners you can't put down.


I'm Guilty

Of bragging on my kids. Yes, I am. It's hard not to, when your child does something great and you know they worked hard for it or they finally reached a goal. Of course we all want to share the love when our kids feel great about something. But lately I'm seeing a trend on Facebook that leaves me with questions. People posting their kids' grades online. Is this really necessary? And it's NOT the report cards that have one A, two Bs, and two Ds. No way. It's STRAIGHT As FOR LITTLE SUSIE OR JIMMY. I'm talking actual photos that people take of their kids' report cards and update their Facebook status with them.

What the what? I guess I feel it's kinda tacky, but maybe that's just me.


I have known my friend Lisa for three years now. Her daughter, Grace, is good friends with Carver at school and Lisa is a delightful, funny, sarcastic, witty, and deep soul. Lisa and her family lost their house this summer in the Waldo Canyon Fire. All of us who know her were shocked, not only because of the utter devastation but because Lisa's husband, Gerard, has been battling pancreatic cancer for several years now. It just felt like too, too much.

Gerard lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday evening. His decline was fast and furious... so fast it took us all by surprise.

So here is my friend Lisa, who is now essentially homeless and widowed--all within the span of 3 months. I feel like all the air has been knocked out of me, and there is nothing, NOTHING I can say to comfort her. I am at such a loss. However, please go find your loved ones and hug and kiss them and be thankful for them. Be thankful for the roof over your head, and your children's artwork casually displayed on your refrigerator, and your clothes and belongings that could vanish in an instant. Be thankful.


What???? September?
A little bit of info on me. My favorite season is summer, hands down. I do love fall--the colors, the crisp air, the events like back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkin patches, apple cider, soup. What I do not like, though, is winter. I hate the days getting shorter and the freezing air. I hate when it's dark outside when David leaves for work in the morning. I hate when it's dark outside when we come home from after-school activities. I feel like the walls are closing in on me--literally--when I can't open the windows to air out the house or go outside for an after dinner game of basketball with Zinabu. I hate that all that is right around the corner. It's making me feel claustrophobic already.
So we will make the most of the next two months, with hikes in the mountains and playing outside. Outdoor fires and football games. All that and more.
I've got to find a good half marathon or 10k to sign up for, so I don't succumb to my usual "oh, it's dark and cold out so I won't exercise today," which repeats itself over and over again until the next thing you know David is having to talk me down from ice cream binges and sweat pants. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)