What We're Reading
I'm telling you... we are reading our little tushies off around here. Even Lily! And you know how rare that is.
Without further ado, I give you:

David recently finished this one. It was required reading for a lot of staff in our school district, but David was onto it months ago. He was reading it sporadically over the summer and finally wrapped it up. None of the information was new to him, but it is presented in a way that is a must-read for anyone that is engaged with young minds.

I just (as in yesterday) finished this little number. I was doing some research in the library on anxiety (trying to help Lily) and stumbled across Agorafabulous!* I love this book so, so much. The author is hilarious, but candidly shares her life story and struggle with a little bit of OCD, a lot of panic attacks and anxiety, her breakdown when she could not leave her apartment, and her recovery with medicine, doctors, and a lot of hard work. I would love to meet her in person someday. If you have never had anyone in your life, family, or circle of friends struggle with mental illness, then congratulations. Mental illness remains woefully misunderstood and isolating and I appreciate Sara's bravery in telling her story.
*Note: the woman has a potty mouth. Big time. If you are easily offended by a lot of F-bombs, then this may not be your new favorite bedtime reading.

Carver is reading some awesome futuristic post-apocalyptic story that has him removed from the family for most hours of the day. He is working his way through the list of 20 books recommended by his middle school library. Carver wants to finish all 20, and he is really enjoying this one.

Let's see... which member of the family could possibly be reading a book on agility training for dogs? If you guessed Lily, you'd be correct.

Zinabu has more or less freaked us out with what he can now read. It's almost as if he skipped second and third and fourth grade books and went straight to fifth. It breaks my heart a little because I feel like he missed an entire genre of stories, but he's incredibly engaged in all the Rick Riordan series and can't. get. enough.

Life just isn't as sweet without a good book--at least for me. I'd love to hear which page-turners you can't put down.


S said...

I'm going to read those top two books. Thanks for the suggestions.

Heather said...

The latest for me? The Girl WIth the Dragon Tattoo serie. Not so goo, movie is better, but goodness, they have me engaged!
My 12 year old loved the Hunger Games books, my 10 year old the I Hate Middle School series, and my 4 year old anything to do with reptiles or underwater creatures.

Old Men Reflect said...

Reading got your Mother and I through every move. We also noted that the public libraries were all air conditioned, unlike our houses.

hotflawedmama said...

i'm i a reading slump lately. might check out that middle one for fun. i love a good potty mouth. ;)