Big News!

Ready? Are you on the edge of your seat? Wait for it...
Carver is sick. Yep. Here we go again. He was so not himself all day (as in turning down food) and looks pretty green around the gills. I am hoping that it's just a worn-out-need-to-lay-low-for-a-day kind of virus. I don't think I can handle more days and days of illness. So I'm off to wash my hands and hope for the best.


Mrs. Baker said...

Mr. B is sick again too.

I just cant handle it.

I feel like hibernating until the winter breaks.

I have been drinking vitamin water non stop.


Mount Cutler said...

I completely and totally understand. We are on week #3 of someone being super sick. My prayers are with you Cathy!!!

Jim Casperson said...

Whiskey with lemon juice and honey works. Ask Maureen. Table spoon of each. Sedative, strips phlegm from vocal cords and the honey makes it all stick