Another Update

The following is from an email from David:

"I spent the morning in school with Zinabu. He is such a happy, healthy boy. Diana and I walked to the school where he spends each morning. We found him in a small room, sitting on cushions with 25 other three-year-olds. They were listening and repeating in Amharic. They were going to release him to me, but I asked if I could watch. So Diana and I spent the next hour watching the lesson. They sang three songs that I recognized:

My God Is So Big
God Is So Good
This Is The Day

He knows all the words! He is a quiet talker, unless he is talking to or at one of his friends. We will sing these songs often to him for familiarity. I held him any time he wasn’t in a formal lesson. This was his choice, not mine. He is very possessive of me which I encourage. When I set him down to go to his assigned seat I make sure that I never hold any other kid; even though many are clamoring. I want him to know that I am only here for him. He has told many of his classmates: Ababa! Ababa! (prounounced: Ah buh buh, which means "Dad").

The morning session was all in Amharic, except for the songs listed above. After a snack and recess---I held him the entire time---he had English instruction. He can recognize the entire alphabet with an assigned picture. I know this because he was called to the front of the class to use the big stick to point to each and call it out while the class echoed him. This was repeated many times. The class then colored an O and an orange on a sheet of paper. Our boy was the first to complete the assignment! He colors in the lines and uses his right hand.

He can count to ten and knows many parts of the body. Oh yeah, his ears are ticklish!"

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