A New Feature!

Zenabu's arrival is fast approaching, and in a few weeks all this "As the World Turns" drama will come to a close. I thought it would be fun to start giving the "Cathy Award" to certain people/places/products that make me happy or somehow make my life easier. And when something makes me fume, it/they will receive the "What Were They Thinking?" award. So why not start right now?

This week's "Cathy Award" goes to (drum roll):

Flat Earth chips. We eat the cheddar flavored crisps and I love them. Best of all, my kids love them. These chips actually give you a half serving of fruits or vegetables for every 12 chips. Someone was thinking when they came up with these beauties. Probably a cool parent that was looking for a way to get more veggies into their kids' bloodstream.

Unfortunately, the "What Were They Thinking" Award has to go to one of my fave mags:

This month's edition has an article about infertility and how different families handled it. A few of the families chose to adopt, but imagine my horror when the writer used such medieval terms like, "they knew they couldn't have children of their own" and "she might be their only natural child." Are you kidding me? Of course, it took me 2 seconds to send a letter to the editor to complain. When will we move past these dumb terms? Shame on you, Real Simple.

In other news, I continue to cook as little as possible (how many grilled cheese sandwiches do you think we can eat?) and just enjoy Carver and Lily. I may not post again until I hear from David on Saturday--after he's met Zenabu. Stay tuned.


KelseyChristine said...

My mom wants me to tell you that she's very excited for you guys and can't wait ti hear tht Zenabu us HOME!!!

I hope the week goes by fast for you...

KelseyChristine said...

ahhh I meant "to hear that Zenabu is home"

it's late...

Courtney said...

send me the info on how to contact REAL SIMPLE and I will as well... doofuses.
And thanks for letting me know the chips are good... i've been wondering!