A Bit Of A Blow (And A Blow-Out!)

I let David know this morning that the school district had called and wanted to get in touch with him. He called the woman who had interviewed him, only to find out he did not get the position. (Gee--do you think having to interview on a pay phone in Rome might have affected it?) We are both a little shocked and David is very discouraged. To make a long story short, he had been planning and working toward this new job for the last 2 years. We firmly believe God must have something else in store for him, we just don't know what. I can tell you he's not going to stay in his current job much longer. Too stressful. He's ready to move on. So we'll see where this goes.

David gave a great update on our little guy. Zinabu is nearly impossible to settle down at night and at nap time, but once he finally lies still, he is asleep in about 20 seconds. He slept through the night and was happy to be with his Dad. Most children in Ethiopia are sharing their intestines with active parasites. I'll spare you the details, but David informed me that Zinabu is definitely fighting some poop bugs. I've already made a doctor's appointment for Zinabu for next Wednesday, and I expect our doctor will prescribe parasite meds right away.

Tomorrow will be the house cleaning festival of the century. I knew I would need something to keep me busy all day Friday, so I've purposely let the house get messy. All will be put back in order by Friday night. I can go to sleep (yeah, right...) and wake up Saturday ready to meet my son at the airport. I can not believe the day is almost here.


Swerl said...

Really enjoy your blog and the updates.

Can I add you to my blogroll?

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cathy said...

Swerl... Uh, your question is similar to "Would you like a thousand dollars?" YES! I'm honored to be in the Swerl hall of fame!

Life in Fitzville said...

Just found you through swerl! And Congrats!!! I know you won't be sleeping tonight. it was just over a year ago that I sat here shaking, waiting for my husband to get home from the airport with our new son from Haiti... surreal, isn't it???