It's All About Yellow

Yellow is it! Zinabu loves yellow. Our first full day together was a blast, and today will be another fun one. It's 80 degrees, so I had to convince Zinabu that the yellow sweatshirt was not going to work today. I talked him into a t-shirt with a yellow skateboard on it. I'm going to need to make run to Target at some point for more yellow t-shirts.

Zinabu is doing incredible! He worships Daddy and Carver, although he will make time for Lily and me. He's happy, excited, energetic, and playful. The only "issue" so far is typical orphanage behavior of grabbing toys and not wanting to share. He's almost on Colorado time. He woke up at 3 am again, but he stayed in bed. I snuggled with him, but he stayed quiet and eventually went back to sleep. He's a pretty good eater. He's used to eating everything with his hands, so we're working on using a fork. Funny, though, how he spears huge portions of food and shoves it in his mouth.

I have very few pictures. Zinabu will not hold still...and if I get a photo of him he's usually reaching for the camera and his face looks out of proportion. Also, he's still fighting a runny nose and I don't want to post pictures of his snot. Call me vain, but I'm being firm on this. I will try to get more pictures today and post again tonight.

Playing with chalk...

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Laura Casperson said...

Yippee & Congratulations! Uncle Rich and I are thrilled for you and Zinabu and Carver and Lily and, of course, Grandma. We love you and hope all the resident bugs in Zinabu Pick up and leave - SOON!