David called from Rome today. They've been doing as much as they can on foot, and are blown away by the beauty and history of one of the greatest cities in the world. I'm so happy David and his sister are having this experience. Unfortunately, it's going to be interrupted by another job interview. Before David left, the Assoc. Superintendent of our school district assured him they would not do the second round of job interviews until after he got back. David was smart and gave them all his info. anyway, but again and again he was told, "We'll talk to you when you get back." So you can understand my anger when the school district called yesterday morning to tell me to tell David they would complete the second interview on Friday at 3pm Rome time. After getting all the information, I said (insert snide, dripping-with-sarcasm voice) "I'll do my best to get in touch with him." So poor David, who will already be checked out of his hotel and not yet at the airport, will have his HUGE job interview at a payphone somewhere in Rome. I hope this makes for a funny story someday, but right now I'm too bent out of shape.

On another note, I am daring to believe warm weather is really right around the corner and I've changed my blog color to be a little more "spring-y." Colorado still gets snow well into May, but we can also have 90 degree days in May. But I'd like to hope flip-flop/shorts/no-more-coat weather is on its way.

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