Happy (early) Birthday, Lily

Lily's birthday is May 1. But that's 3 days after David returns home with Zenabu. We didn't want the "big 6" to get lost in the shuffle, so we had a surprise party for the little princess today. Just family, and it was extra special because Aunt Diana flew in last night. I can't believe Lily is almost 6. How did that happen? Here's a picture of her at about 9 months old.

What a sweetie.

We continue to press on here at Adoption Command Central. The paperwork has reached critical mass (as in...there's no more putting it off. I have to get it done). It's not that there's soooo much of it (there's just a lot) but it's that it has to be done exactly right. I feel that given my inability to make good pizza dough from scratch, remember to apply sunscreen all the time, and return my library books before getting fined---the odds are not in my favor that I'll finish this paperwork error free. Prayers, please.

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