How surreal to see the countdown clock on my blog with just hours left. I am surprisingly calm (for me, people, this is a big deal) and I am getting ready to put the kids to bed. The house is clean. The pantry is stocked. The laundry is done. We're ready.

Right now David and Diana and Zinabu are (hopefully) sleeping and are about to land in Rome to refuel. They don't get off the plane--they just keep flying to Washington, D.C. When I wake up in the morning, I'll do a few last minute things--like make dinner so that when we return from Denver all tired and hungry, it will be ready. I plan to leave our house around noon so we can stop at an Ethiopian food market and pick up some fresh injera and some cooking spices. Then we'll zig zag on over to the airport and TRY to stay calm while we wait for this BOY to join our family. When I was at the grocery store today I wanted to tell each and every person in the aisles, "Guess what? My son is coming home tomorrow!!!" I restrained myself, but it was hard.

I thought of something this week that is interesting. As of tomorrow, I will be a minority in my family. There will be three children with brown skin, and two adults with white skin. I don't think I can express how humbled I am by the privilege of raising my children. This family we've created through adoption has blessed me beyond all my wildest dreams. I no longer say, "We're done adopting" because I said that before and look what's happening tomorrow. I don't know if we'll adopt more children. Maybe yes, maybe no. But as our family grows and settles even deeper into the "trans racial" category, I feel that we represent so much hope, so much love, and so much delight.

I will TRY to post some pictures of Zinabu tomorrow night, but no guarantees. Even when he falls asleep, I doubt I will be able to leave his side even for a second. I'll post again when I can. Thanks for all your support.


Swerl said...

How exciting!

Sorry to hear about the job, though.

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Stacy said...

Cathy ... i'll admit i was addicted to your countdown clock, couldn't wait til it was in the "hours" only. More exciting tomorrow when i look and it's just minutes. Wow!!! Your family will be together again soon with your newest sweetie! Congratulation and have a sweet sweet sweet meet with your love. Stacy

Sarah :) said...

5.5 HOURS now! I'm so excited for you and your family!! Can't wait to see stories of your meeting and first few days with your SON home!

And I love your blog!!! :)

-SarahH (from the forum)

Anonymous said...

hi cathy!
just 44 seconds left! so excited to check your blog and see your family together at last:) have a wonderful weekend
s a r a h (from the forum:)

Courtney said...

just a 1/2 hour or so... you guys must all be giddy with excitment and nerves. Congrats to you all. May god bless you guys as you all adjust to being a family of 5

Swerl said...

Hope everything went great meeting Zinabu!

Can't wait to read your next blog post.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.