He's Here!

A quick post to let you know that Zinabu is in Colorado and doing a great job at destroying our house. Typical 3-year-old behavior, so we believe he's developmentally on target! All of David and Zinabu's flights (though long) went well, but Zinabu was so sleep deprived and messed up from the time change, he was too tired to give me anything other than a polite smile when we met. He fell asleep in the car halfway home, and never woke up! We think by tomorrow he'll be on US time. He awoke at 3am this morning and enjoyed a long bath. We played with the bath toys and blew bubbles at each other. I liked that he had some alone time with me.

Zinabu is a very happy child and will play and chat with anyone. The benefit of that is he's joyful and easy going. The downside is I think it will take a few weeks before he grasps that we are his family and not just another care center. All in due time. It also will take me awhile to "feel" like his mom and not just a caregiver. Again, all in due time.

I will TRY to post some pictures tonight. He's a darling, but he has a nasty cold and an unattractive slimy nose. Right now he's not looking his best. Have a wonderful day! We sure will.

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