I just got off the phone with David and I hardly know what to write. We had a rushed conversation because it was so expensive for him to call, but he was able to tell me a lot. David and Diana flew in safely, but they were completely unprepared for the overwhelming poverty everywhere. It was a very, very hard ride from the airport to the guest house. As soon as they arrived, they were thrust into meetings. Granted, David and Diana arrived a day late but there was no time for them to catch their breath. Because the day was so busy, David only had about 15 minutes with Zenabu. But I can tell you it was glorious! David arrived at the care center and was taken to the "3 year old" room (that's how he described it). All the children began chanting "Zinabu, Zinabu, Zinabu..." Zinabu was shy for 1.5 seconds, then ran into David's arms, where the boys wrestled and rolled around like puppies for a while. David said he is beyond cute. Just adorable. Thank you, Lord, that this day has finally come!

Oh--did you notice the spelling in Zinabu's name now? We received his birth certificate, and it's officially Zinabu.


KelseyChristine said...

yay!!!!! He sounds perfect :)

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