A Voice!

I am one of those freaks that is somewhat anti-cell phone and doesn't feel the need to have one. But I tell you, today I am singing the praises of technology because I just spoke with Zinabu on the phone. David called me (on our $4.99 a minute) international phone, and Zinabu is with him now at the guest house. David has full custody and the boys are together in the room. All through our brief conversation, I could hear Zinabu in the background babbling like a normal 3 year old boy. In fact, he was talking so fast, so loud, and so excitedly David and I were laughing till tears were running down our faces. Such joy! David put the phone up to Zinabu's ear and I said, "Selam, Zinabu! Mommy!" I heard him scream, "MOMMY."

Okay, I am ready for them to come home now.


Courtney said...

just thinking of you hearing your son say mommy for the first time brings tears to my eyes :) you are blessed.

Leian said...

What joy to hear your new son Zinabu say mommy from halfway around the world. I can only imagine the thrill of having all of your family together and meeting/hugging/kissing him for the first time this weekend. I can't wait to meet him!

Stacy said...

ahhh Cathy, what a sweet sweet bill that will be to pay!!!!