More Pictures

Why this picture? Because it shows Zinabu is capable of independent and creative play. One of my (small) fears was that Zinabu wouldn't know how to play on his own or play creatively. He squashed that fear with his cute little foot right away! He's my kind of kid: plays with sand, digs in rocks, collects sticks, draws with chalk, and on and on. We had a blast watching him put sticks in the sand in his truck.

Bubbles were a big hit today. Of course he insisted on holding the bubble container so it was completely dumped out on his shoes in less than 2 minutes. He loves our backyard and the freedom to play and run and just be a kid. Life at the care center was very structured and there was not much room (or grass) to run around. Zinabu's muscles are actually a little soft from lack of exercise. We'll get him all buff in a couple of months.

A picture of a VERY happy boy eating shiro and injera. Shiro is ground chickpeas, and you add spices and cook it up. I put some chicken in it too, since the word on the street is that Zinabu loves meat (sigh--another meat eater!). When I pulled out the injera for him, he did a happy dance and shouted for joy. I was so glad I could provide a familiar meal for him, given that his entire life has been turned upside down. He has a hearty appetite. You can see him eating as a traditional Ethiopian with his hands. He's very adept at folding his injera up and scooping the shiro up. He can use a fork at mealtimes, but we don't care right now. Eating with his fingers feels "right" so we are happy to let him go at it. What's funny is that I should have taken a picture of Carver and Lily with their jaws touching the floor! They could not believe what Zinabu was eating.

As for me, I am tired but content. Today was a turning point for me, and I was surprised to have it come so quickly. I look at Zinabu and I can tell you that I love him fiercely. I grieve a little bit that Lily and Carver have to share me (sounds weird but it's how it feels)...that going from 2 to 3 kids spreads me thin. Still, I know this is right. He is ours.


Swerl said...

So happy for you!!!

He looks like a great, happy kid!

Courtney said...

it's so good to hear about him playing, to see you two together.. and to hear about his happy dance for injera :)
I completely resonate with your last paragraph even though we only have two. I remember those same feelings when I came home with sam.
so glad you're all together.

Kerry Zech said...

Cathy this is the first time I have read your blog. I didn't know it existed until talking to my dad tonight. I feel like even though I am in PA I get glimpses of your 3 wonderful children. Hope to see you all soon.