Happy Everything!

Yesterday was such a great day that I was super-woman. After getting the unexpected call from CHSFS that Zenabu's case somehow made it through court on Thursday, things went from terribly awful to amazingly incredible in a snap. (Feeling bi-polar is a regular occurrence when you're adopting.) I especially wanted to have a great day with Carver and Lily. They've done a lot of TV watching this week while their mother stared at blank walls and cried. So I packed up the swimming things and we hit the big indoor pool here in town. Water slide, wave pool, lazy river. We swam like fishes for hours. Everyone was happy. Then, because today is my 11th wedding anniversary, my mom watched the kids last night so David and I could go out on a date. There was so much to celebrate, I let David pick the restaurant! Aren't I super???? And when he said he wanted to go to a steakhouse, I only gagged once. He got his week's quota of red meat, and I sat with stars in my eyes thinking about happy anniversaries, happy adoptions, and happy families. Happy Everything!

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