guardian angel

David and Carver made it home safe and sound last night. It wasn't until they were on their way that I had the terrible visions of David lying on the slopes with a broken leg. Skiing just 2 or 3 weeks before you travel to Africa may not have been the wisest move. Nevertheless, they came home after an incredible day together, and I know a few guardian angels that had their jobs cut out for them yesterday. Carver is surprising us with his snowboarding abilities. He's really good.

Today I did something that I hate to do. It was really, really awful. I went to (drumroll please) Wal-Mart. Yech! I never set foot in that store because it drives me bananas. And why shop at Wal-Mart when there is a very lovely Target just down the street? I shouldn't complain, though. Someone was very generous and gave us gift cards to Wal-Mart, which I used today to purchase the items David will need to take with him to Ethiopia. Things like anti-nausea meds., hand sanitizer, travel toothpaste, et. cetera. My cart was pretty full by the time I was done, but I feel confident I was able to get just about everything he'll need. The fun part was buying colored markers (100 of them) for the children at the care center, and lots of stickers for Zenabu to play with on the airplane. It warms my heart that in just a few weeks, David is going to an amazing country in Africa where he will meet our son. Words just can't express all that we're feeling.

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Cindy said...

Too funny, I HATE Wal mart and also choose our "lovely" Target over WM every time! Well, almost every time. . . WM makes me cranky and why do all the shoppers and workers look like they are bag ladies and wackos?!
-Cindy (Cinds)