No News...

Good grief! I hardly know myself anymore. I have been reduced to a hand-wringing, eating-out-of-the-carton, absent-minded, phone-vigil woman. CHSFS emailed today (after I sat quite rigidly by the phone for 4 hours) that their contact in Ethiopia hadn't called yet with the news about court cases. Uh--okay. I can tell you I slept for all of 4 hours last night. I kept waking up and looking at the clock and figuring out what time it was in Addis. So...I don't know what happened yet with Zenabu's case. Hopefully someone will call CHSFS tonight (when it's the work day in Addis) and give an update. Lindsay told me she'd call as soon as she heard anything. Right-o. Back to my carton of comfort.

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