Getting Ready

My husband David is a bit of a bicycle fanatic. He loves to mountain bike (and has all the scars and broken bones to prove it) and he's the bike magician at our house. Guess what he bought me for my birthday last year? Yep...a bike! A retro 1969 Schwinn Cruiser. This is a photo of him getting Zenabu's bike all ready for him. This is the bike David bought for Carver when Carver was about 2 and a half. I balked at the price, but David assured me it was a good investment and it would last forever. He knows the good bike brands and bought it at an honest-to-goodness bike shop. Well, here we are 6 years later and this little bike is going strong. Carver rode it forever, then Lily rode it, and now it's getting ship-shape for Zenabu. I can't wait to see those little legs pumping away on it.

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