two really wonderful things happened yesterday. we received an email with updates on zenabu. even though ethiopia is having trouble with broadband, their turtle-paced dial-up is slogging along, so they do have some communication. when your child is on the other side of the world, living in a care center (albeit a great care center) you spend a lot of time awake at night wondering "how is my sweet boy?" so to get an unexpected email with a copy of a report that shows zenabu's latest milestones--well, it's a cause for celebration! zenabu is now 36 inches tall and 30 lbs. he interacts great with others and also enjoys playing by himself. they've said he has a "quiet" personality. huh? wonder what that's like! he's healthy and doing well--praise god!

the other wonderful thing that happened yesterday was that the women from my bible study threw a shower for zenabu. this is an incredible group of women that i've been close to for 5 years now. we've been through a lot together--and they've supported me through this entire crazy journey. they have told me again and again that they feel like they're getting a little boy too! so you can see carver and lily standing in front of lots of cute boy clothes, and the other picture shows some of the haul zenabu received. zenabu is so blessed and he doesn't even know it yet. all these women that fussed over the cutest little details for him--like socks and shoes and hats and toys and clothes, clothes, clothes. sweet cards telling him how they've prayed for him and are so excited to meet him. wow.

it was a great night.

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