Our Timeline

Someone left a comment on my last post that since I didn't have to wait long for a referral with CHSFS that I should not be so hyped up about not getting a travel date yet. And I totally agree with that...if that were the whole story. But some people may not realize what this entire adoption has been like for us thus far, so I thought I'd post our timeline.

July 2005--Decided to adopt from Ethiopia
July 2005--Sent in application to our first agency/Sent in application to home study agency
Feb 2006--Homestudy FINALLY done after horrible delays. Took 7 months (usually takes 2)
Nov 2006--Left first agency after waiting 9 months for a referral. Agency misled and lied to us.
Nov 2006--Switched to CHSFS
Nov/Dec 2006--Had to redo all our paperwork/homestudy/dossier.
Jan 2007--Approved with CHSFS and officially waiting. Received our referral in 3 days. We are very thankful, but the referral process with CHSFS is about the only thing that has gone smoothly for us. In about 4 months we will be at the 2 year mark of this journey. It shouldn't have to be this way, and I would never suggest to anyone that this is typical of how it is to adopt from Ethiopia. It's not. It is generally a smooth process. We have hit just about every snag there is. But am I still overjoyed to be united with Zenabu? You bet. Can you blame me for aching to get him here where I can hold him? I hope not.


Cindy said...

My guess is that Anonymous has not adopted or wins patient person of the year (good for her/him!)? I nearly fell apart waiting for the courts to open and our travel date especially when kids were getting very ill left and right. This wait was MUCH harder than waiting for a referral because there's always those thoughts (and possibilities) of losing this child (or children) for whatever horrible reason. We traveled with TWO couples who had failed adoptions AFTER meeting the children (not Ethiopia or CHSFS). It became clear to us during this wait and our visit to ET that these kids need to get out and get home! Cathy, your time will come and this will fade into a memory and you can tell your babe the story of mommy's agonizing wait! :)

Shannon said...

Cathy, just ignore the anonymous post. Know that the rest of us totally support and understand your feelings of angst. You want your baby home and safe. I would too! (We're not to the referral stage yet, and I already want it to happen yesterday...) Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for a quick travel date for you...