It's a four-letter word, but at least it's appropriate. I got home to a blinking answering machine and heard Lindsay's voice asking me to call her. She's our contact at CHSFS and is handling our adoption case. I actually thought (silly me) she was calling with good news that Zenabu's case made it through court and that we could travel. No such luck. His case is delayed again due to some documentation the court feels they really need. They need a little bitty piece of paper that tells them the area Zenabu lived in before he was relinquished. That's it. We're not the only family that's stuck with this problem, either. There are 4 or 5 others. Lindsay said the courts used to overlook it if this certain paper was missing, but lately they've been cracking down. I can't tell you how discouraged I am today. We have been through so much with this adoption. We have hit every possible problem I can think of, it is crazy that we are one of the families "stuck" in court still. At least Lindsay didn't seemed concerned. She said the document will come--we just have to wait for it. She hopes we'll be able to travel in mid-April. But that is a month away from now and it feels like an eternity. I hate this!

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Heather said...

And I hate this for you! Hang on my friend. Your Zenabu is coming soon.