Cooking--Part One

First of all, a HUGE thank you to all the people on the CHSFS forum who responded with such empathy and love to my post there. I cannot tell you how great of a support group I have on that forum. And now...for something not really adoption realated: cooking. My first nemesis is my oven.

It sits there in my kitchen and every day at about 4:00 pm it starts taunting me that I need to make dinner. I absolutely hate to cook. I love to bake (go figure) but I hate to cook. It's just not my thing. I would be perfectly happy with a salad every night. But I am not the only person living in this house so I don't get to choose that. Apparently I'm mostly responsible for the dietary needs of three other people (soon to be four other people). One of those three people feels he must have a giant slab of meat at every dinner. Another of those people thinks American Cheese in a flour tortilla is haute cuisine. And the third is pretty happy-go-lucky. Last night I made chicken pot pie (one thing I can make well) and I realized that when Zenabu gets here, I will need to increase the size of all our meals. Not a lot...but enough that I'll have to switch off auto-pilot in the kitchen and think about making sure all my meals feed 5 people.

My other nemesis when it comes to cooking? This sweet face!

He's really cute, I know, but please refer to the above paragraph where I mention American Cheese and tortillas. Enough said. All in all, though, I do a decent job of making sure everyone gets enough fruit and veggies, protein and dairy, and fill in gaps where necessary. I am a little nervous about Zenabu coming when I think about food. His paperwork says his favorite food in the whole wide world is injera and wot. Eh hmmmmm.


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Courtney said...

Brooklyn could easily join him in the quest for daily cheese quesadillas :) She'll even pick cheese out of meals and eat only that!