Conversations With A Pharmacist

I was at the store tonight to drop off a vast array of prescriptions to be filled, and the pharmacist was quick to notice they were mostly travel meds. The anti-malaria pills must have been the big tip-off. He wanted to know where we were going so I told him Ethiopia. His eyes got big and just out of curiosity asked why. I explained that David was going to pick up our son. Have you ever seen your pharmacist melt? I have. He just gushed over me. The cashier came over and gushed too. They had all the fun questions like how old is he? what's his name? how long will David be there? when did we get our referral? I found myself getting excited all over again. They had the awesome response you hope you get when you share your news that you are adopting, and I got to talk about my current favorit subject: Zenabu. It was so fun, in fact, I didn't even bat an eye at the total cost of all those travel meds. Blimey!

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