have you met my friend bono?

i know it's self-serving, but where else can i post my all-time favorite picture? yes, that's me about 2 years ago (with short hair). i'm completely obscuring david's face. he's behind me with the baseball cap and blue shirt. we got to meet bono (lead singer for u2 for those of you who have been living under a rock the last 20 years) before a concert. i'd like to tell you i had a very meaningful conversation with him, but i'm pretty sure i only had a tiny bit of drool coming out of my mouth. i made pointless hand gestures that i wanted his autograph, and he signed my shirtsleeve. so why do i care so much about a rock star? he's been a very influential person in my life. he's championed the causes that have pierced my heart. he's the reason behind product red (see my link inspi(red)). he's a major reason people are waking up to the aids crisis in africa. and i believe god is using him to spread the message of the poor. please watch his speech at the naacp awards last night. http://sandiego.cox.net/cci/entertainmentvideonews
rock on, bono!

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