Braids and Bugs

I spent most of the morning braiding Lily's hair. It takes about 5 or 6 hours total, so I break it up. I begin on Friday night and get the back done, then on Sat. morning while she watches cartoons, I finish the sides and top. It's absolutely fantastic when I'm done, because other than keeping her scalp moisturized, I don't have to do a thing to her hair for 3 weeks! Who knew a white girl like me could learn how to do braided extensions, but I have. Lily loves her braids and to me that is the best part. She feels incredibly beautiful and happy with her hair when it's braided like this. It is a balmy 70 degrees in Colorado today, so I am headed out to the sandbox for some digging with 2 cutie pies, and then we have a jam-packed day that includes looking for bugs, riding bikes, swinging, grilling burgers, and whatever else we feel like doing. David has nothing scheduled, so we get to be together as a family until we can't stand it anymore. Who knows, this may be one of our last weekends together as a family of 4. Once we get Zenabu, we'll be 5. I'm just leaning on God for His timing.

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Sarah (from the Forum) said...

What a cute girlie! Her hair is so well done. I hope if we have a girl that I can do her hair so well. Lots of work!