How To Live In Limbo

I have not slept in 2 days, hence the sunglasses which are hiding my bloodshot eyes. As I have not heard from CHSFS today, my suspicion is that Zenabu's case did not make it through court. I was tempted to rant and rave about how unfair this is, but my heart is with Zenabu today...who has been living in an orphanage for too long. He's the one that has the most right to complain. It's most unfair to him. I understand the courts in Addis wanting to make sure all the details are squared away as fas as paperwork is concerned, but the piece of paper they want--in my opinion--does not warrant this much of a delay. I think what's most anxiety inducing is that our fingerprints for immigration expire in 9 weeks. I feel like a time-bomb is ticking away, and I do not want to re-do those fingerprints! So for now, I will continue to pray for my little guy...and I will visit my happy place. I like to see some of the sweetest babies in the universe. Want to come with me? Click here.


Courtney said...

gosh, we're praying for you all

Sarah and Terry said...

Cathy and Family:
I am so sorry about the further delay!!!! I can't imagine being in your shoes and hope that the courts come to their senses soon! For your sake, and the sake of your little one waiting...