Oh Beautiful...

For spacious skies and amber waves of grain.
And doctors and nurses and angiograms that show healthy hearts!
Mom is home and well and resting. All her tests came back okay, so she'll have to follow up with her physician but they've ruled out major, major problems.

I sat and looked at this sign for an agonizing chunk of time this morning. It didn't help that a family came in, turned on the TV, and watched the national hot dog eating contest. They actually cheered for the contestants. Meanwhile, I was preparing myself for the worst--that they would find a lot of damage in my mom's arteries and they would need to do a major procedure. It was such a relief when the doctor came out and told me she looked pretty good! Hooray! Mom had to lie on her back completely still for the rest of the day, so I was with her so I could help her eat and drink and just have someone to talk to. I am so happy to report she is back at home. Here's to a normal day tomorrow. I am too tired to see straight right now. Bless my hubby who has entertained the kids with root beer floats, music, the slip and slide, and who knows what else! Happy 4th!


Linda said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! He is so faithful. So glad she is home and resting comfortably. Hope you have some much needed rest.

Stacy said...

yes ... this was great news to come home to.

vali said...

I'm so glad to hear your good news!
What a relief!!!


Courtney said...

oh, man, sorry that i missed these previous posts.. but i am glad to hear that good news is the end result. whew.