As a mom, I am overwhelmed by the choices I have. Just standing in the juice aisle is enough to put me over the edge sometimes. I have choices from necessity (I have to eat but I get to choose what I eat). I have choices in my opinions (I get to vote for a candidate in an election). And I have choices about lots and lots of other things that affect my kids and how I feel as a mom. For example, it's important to me that we eat mostly organic food. It's a choice I have made, but I don't think I should feel superior as a mother since I have been known to let my kids consume too much sugar. I love public school. It's where I want my kids. And that's my choice. But it doesn't mean I can't relate to my friends who homeschool or have their children in a private school. At the end of the day, we all want what's best for our kids.

What I don't understand, though, is stupid choices I see other parents make. I went to see the new Harry Potter movie today (yes, I'm a fan) and I counted no fewer than 11 three-year-olds. There were also several four-year-olds, and five-year-olds. All of it freaked me out--especially those tiny kids. Why is it that parents today feel it is acceptable to expose their young kids to so much? Why is it that our society seems to feel that if the media offers it, we should all take part in it? I don't get it.


Katie & Ryan said...

We saw Harry Potter on Sat night (loved it!) but I too, noticed a large number of the "under 5 crowd"-even infants...crying infants...why?
Sometimes Harry P even scares me-I couldn't imagine being 3!

Jim Casperson said...

I am more worried about your inability to pick out the right juice. Orange is for the early morning hours, and then the rest of the day on "Kool Aid" citrus flavor.

Take care. Remember,kids are stronger than we are. Love is felt regardless of the word or deed.

Umm 'Skandar said...

Well, we went to Harry Potter too. At noon on a friday with our Harry-obsessed nine year old AND our six year old daughter. Now when big brother was six we would not have considered for a minute taking him to such a movie. But R is a different kid. She has been read aloud all the HP books and has seen all the movies at home. She is less freaked out by the cemetary scene in the last HP movie than I am.

So there we were. It was also "baby-day" at the theater so there were numerous infants but otherwise kids under 6 were prohibited. Yes, I felt a little strange with the youngest kid there but what the heck? We all enjoyed it and she is the one bugging us to go see it in the theater again (and we just might)

cathy said...

I think if your child is 6 and you think he/she can handle it--then you know your child best. I was really amazed at the 3 and 4 year olds, though. They had NO clue what the movie was about and as I was scared at times, I have to assume they were too.

blondie said...

Its funny how much choice parents give to their kids these days - but then again, times are a changing. The world is much different today than iot was when even we were little.

Sonia Begin said...

Hi! Just checking in on what's happening with you all! We have questioned taking the kids to HP as well. Jacob has read all but the last (just b/c he wants to reread the 4th first). I thought the other movies have had a little too much "scare" for the kids - but heard this last one wasn't so bad. The movie I DID think was too much was Transformers - yes, I saw the PG-13 rating before going in - but I thought Transformers, how bad can it be. I kept nudging and "dirty-looking" Jesse for the first half of the movie (it was his idea)!