Great Gifts

The next time you're shopping for a gift--or just need a little retail therapy--I urge you, beg you, implore you to buy a Product Red item. Just Google Product Red and you'll get an array of choices. Or go to your local Gap store and poke around. The profits from the Red items you purchase help fight AIDS in Africa. The T-shirt I own (and wear with pride) provided AIDS medication for several women. C'mon... get off your duff and get shopping!!!!


vali said...

I got Zidane the gray baby t-shirt that says "Delive(Red)" on the Eastern part of Africa. Love it!!!


Joyce E said...

Cathy, I know you will be blessed to read the blog of a local family of 7 who spent a month this summer in Swaziland ministering to orphans, including those with AIDS. God is working in many hearts. The latest post which features a video of a US family -- with 6 kids -- who moved there to help. The comments of their young son blew me away because of his spiritual perception. He says God has been telling him there is hope for Swaziland, that he has not given up. How many (approx.) 10-year-olds have such a world vision? How many of us are that intimate with the Lord, that we know his hope and his plans?

I love your blog and check it every day!

Joyce E said...

Here's the address:
What I did for my summer vacation