I am very blessed to have a caring and funny extended family. Yesterday some of my aunts and uncles came over for lunch. I was way too busy enjoying adult conversation to take any photos... I think one of my favorite pass times is sitting around and visiting with loved ones. Especially when they've known you since you were born! I also find it a blessing that they've loved Carver, Lily, and Z-man since day one. You hear horror stories of families adopting only to have all their relatives turn on them, say nasty things about the new children, and leave them out of important family events because the kids are not "real" family. Yuck.

It didn't take Z long to learn there are a whole bunch of adults that want to sit around and ooooh and aaaaah over him. He's got them wrapped around his fingers already.

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Jim Casperson said...

We didn't have any fun either.
Loved the day. Children always put it in perspective.