Happy Kids

Carver has always loved to dress up. I've encouraged it because it makes life very fun. If you had to choose between going on errands with a boy in shorts and a t-shirt or a boy in cowboy boots, spurs, vest, and cowboy hat, which would you choose? My point exactly! I've made lots of trips to the thrift store to stock up on items my kids can dress in. You'd be surprised what you can find there. So guess who caught the dress-up bug the other day? Zinabu took one look at Carver in this Power Ranger get up and jumped in with both feet.

People continue to ask how Zinabu is adjusting. Zinabu has always been just fine. Other than being very ill the first 10 days he was home, he's been great. It's the other two kids that have had a very rough adjustment period. It's not easy having a 3 year old just up and join your family. The routine is different. The noise level is different. The lack of time with mom is different. Even little things like where everyone sits in the car is different. But after 2 and a half months, I can say that Carver and Lily are doing well and probably are at the point where it's hard to remember what it was really like before Zinabu arrived. Little Z is just part of their lives, and they're growing a little closer to him each day.


hotflawedmama said...

That is wonderful to hear they are doing better every day! That picture is priceless. Love reading your updates!

vali said...

Adjusting that well in less than 3 months sounds pretty good. Can you take a minute to give me advice on going from 1 to 2 (pm or e-mail?? I'm starting to worry about that transition.


Courtney said...

i Love when I see a kid in the store in some outfit clearly chosen by them! I've had friends say how they can't imagine that or scoff at how crazy that household must be... I just laugh and think, it's so much more fun to be a kid. I love that you encourage it!