It's been a hot week, and we took the kids to the outdoor fountain downtown. Z is NOT afraid of water at all. I actually wish he'd show a little bit of healthy fear, as his favorite game in the pool is Let's-Play-Drowning. He sinks to the bottom, swallows water, wiggles away from me, and goes under. He loves it, but really--it's just more grey hair for me. So today was nice because I wasn't saving him from his watery grave. Just spraying fountains.

Every once in a while, I find my mind going down a slippery slope of "what if." What if we hadn't pursued this adoption? What if we hadn't fought so hard to get Z here? What if he had to grow up in an orphanage? I find my throat closing up and my heart racing and I have to take deep breaths. It frightens me to think about "what if." But I cling to where we are now. Z is here, with us, out of the care center, out of extreme poverty. He is here.

Enjoy the photos. Especially the last one.


Anne said...

Sounds like Hayat is headed for the same daredevil childhood -- she loves walking around with her eyes closed, walking backwards until she hits something, spinning around until she gets dizzy...I don't know if I'll be able to take "let's play drowning"!

I am constantly thinking the same thoughts about Hayat -- the what-ifs are really scary. I think a lot about the other kids who are living with the what-ifs and it's so heartbreaking.

That last photo is a classic. OMG.

Katie & Ryan said...

Love the last photo-too funny!

KelseyChristine said...

What a powerful post...I hate to think about the "what-ifs" with my siblings...especially because the "what-ifs" are so many other children's realities.

Haha those photos are adorable!!!!

Diana said...

Hey everyone!!! I,m at the computer at work as I don't have the nerve to even open my pc without one of my pretend sons sitting next to me. I plan to print out the last one as soon as one of my pretend sons... . Full weekend with a full house of kids-Joe's birthday so people coming from all over to help him celebrate and say goodbye before he heads to Mexico next month. More later-hope all is fine. Love to all. Diana

jayme said...

Hey!!! I know that fountain! I used to work right across the street...

It certainly looks like everyone had a great time.