Off Biking

David is off for a 3 day mountain biking trip. He's by himself...which always makes me a little nervous. He's had broken bones and stitches before, so I'm praying he stays safe but has fun. I'm tired. It used to be when David was gone I would rent "my" movies and stay up late reading. Let's just say it was a miracle getting all the kids to bed by 9pm tonight and I'm pooped. Tomorrow I am taking the kids to the aquarium and I can't wait to watch Zinabu's reaction. He really wants to see the octopus! How cool is that?

I had a nice walk the other night with a sweet friend. It's always good to talk with other women/moms and get grounded again. As different as kids are, she and I share the same dreams for our children... and the same fears. When we talk, I always feel better.

And last but not least, I am so happy to say that we are another step closer to finalizing Zinabu's adoption. In the next couple days, our paperwork will be submitted to our county magistrate for processing. Ethiopia recognizes us as little Z's parents, but the U.S.A...not quite. It's just more paperwork, really, but I'm so thrilled we're almost there. We had our 3 month post-placement visit with our social worker today. Can it almost be 3 months? We feel so blessed that in all our talking with our social worker, we had only positive things to say about this adoption and Z's adjustment. It will be a joyous day, though, when we get to October 12. That will mark the day that Zinabu will have been with us for as long as he was in the care center.

Come on, October.


vali said...

Once the adoption is finalized, is that when you work on getting him a US passport? We're hoping to take an international trip in 2008 and don't know how long it might take us to get E a passport.


Courtney said...

you might actually finalize faster than we do! We're still stuck in the paperwork nightmare of working with an agency that is shutting down. We're hoping that it'll be done before his visa expires in october... here's hoping!