Looking Ahead

Until Z has been with us for a year, every month presents a new "first" for him. In July when it was my birthday, my family sang Happy Birthday to me. Because Zinabu had never heard that song before, he was pretty impressed. Occasionally you can hear him humming it quietly, and Carver and Lily have both had BIG talks with him about what his birthday will be like. Perhaps they've talked it up too much: mounds of presents, whatever kind of cake he wants, all the attention. Z is looking forward to his birthday in November like never before. And there's still Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. etc. He still has so much to experience and discover.

As the pumpkins in our garden start to "pop" I went out to scar them. I read about this trick last year, and was so excited to try it. When the pumpkins are young and small, you take a sharp object and draw on the soft flesh. Over the next few weeks, it will scar as it grows. I drew a "C", an "L", and a "Z" for each child. I'll take pictures at Halloween to show the results. Hope it works.


Anonymous said...

Scarring a pumpkin does work! My uncle used to mark a pumpkin for each of the nieces and nephews when we were growing up. The weekend before Halloween we would all go there and try to find our pumpkin. Imagine my shock when I found out the pumpkin patch was not magic! Now he does it for his grandchildren so the 'magic' lives!

cathy said...

That is SOOOO cool. I'll do that. I'll tell the kids to go find their pumpkin. Thanks for the tip.