It's My Birthday

Every year on my birthday, David and I go to a very swanky resort in town for brunch. They put out quite a spread, and they hover over you with refills of Starbucks coffee. I was in heaven. Even the bathrooms are spectacular. See photo below.

Of course, it surprises David and I that they let us into places like this. I always feel like we don't belong. When I went to use the bathroom, I noticed I had a hole in my underwear. Typical.

It was the first time we left Zinabu so the both of us could go out. Z was fine, of course, and I was happy for some alone time with David. We have not had a date together in almost 4 months. That's not at all how we want to live. We try to take time out for each other, but when you adopt an older toddler, life is just put on hold for a season. We're slowly coming out of isolation--but only what Zinabu can handle. I plan to spend the rest of the day reading the pile of books next to my bed...and working a little on some jewelry. It's a new "hobby" of mine. But if you have only approximately 3 minutes a day to yourself to work on a hobby, can you call it a hobby? More like a fleeting diversion.


jayme said...

Happy Birthday!

blondie said...

Its funny how we don't think we are good enough to go to a swanky restaurant. The last time Steve and I did - it was to celebrate our approval to adopt - we were dressed beautifully but because I had a daggy handbag I felt as if everyone was looking at me and thinking that I didn't fit in. In reality, no one noticed and the fact that we could afford to pay the bill says that we did belong.

Enjoy the swank factor as much as you can, I say.

:) blondie

PS. Happy birthday. I am glad that you had an opportunity to go out as a couple - I know how important to do this.