My mom is scheduled for angioplasty tomorrow morning. It was supposed to be this morning, then this afternoon, then this morning again... They're shuffling her around like a deck of cards. After all my "it's not fair" whining of yesterday, I feel a little more "blessed" today. Thankful she had warning signs. Thankful that she was not on the plane to Ohio for my cousin's wedding this weekend. Thankful I am here to be with her. Thankful for another day with her. I have much to be thankful for. She is in a little pain, but mostly bored to tears. I'll be at her house today cleaning up some things. Wouldn't you know this was the week she had work done on her house and it's a disaster over there. Tomorrow I'll be at the hospital for most of the day. Let's hope this is the last family member in the hospital for a long, long time.


Linda C. said...

I just wanted you to know that we are praying for Roberta and the procedure to take place tomorrow morning. Please give her my special love!!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog (fellow forum member) and had to leave a note after reading about your Mom. My thoughts are with you, your Mom and your family.

Geri (CHSFS forum member - traveling next week!)

vali said...

Hope everything is okay now. I'll stay tuned.