Saddest Conversation Ever
Yesterday after school some other insane moms and I hosted an after-school craft party for 50 kids. There were 5 moms, so we had 10 kids at 5 tables and each mom was "supposed" to supervise a table. Unfortunately, 2 of the moms didn't understand their helping role very well and just sat by their own child and "helped" their child make their crafts perfect. So that left 3 moms and 48 kids... and it felt a little like 500 kids at times. Lots of glue, lots of noise, and lots of craziness. I had brought a DVD along just in case we had a little extra time at the end and needed the children to be sedated...er, I mean, quiet. That was a stroke of genius on my part because some of the kids raced through the crafts in record time and we had 30 minutes before their parents were scheduled to pick them up.

And here comes the sad conversation. When it was finally time to leave (after lots of clean up and seeing the last child off) I left with my kids and one of Carver's friends. We were giving him a ride home. He saw me put the DVD in my bag and he asked, "Oh, is that your movie?" I responded, "Yes, well... actually it belongs to the library but we get to keep it for a few more days."

Stunned silence.

"You can get movies at the library?" he said. "You sure can! And they're completely free." I told him.

"I've never been to the library before," he said.

WHAT????? WHAT???? Are you serious????? I was screaming in my head. He is 10 years old. How is that possible? How much I take for granted...that kids have parents who like to read and go to the library to get free books, magazines, movies, audio books, whatever.

I want to cry.


Christina said...

oh, that is sad.

Julie said...

That stinks.

Old Men Reflect said...

Well something else stinks. I forgot to have the Big zoo wrap Lily's present. Please put under tree or hide without opening. Will come from the Big Zoo.

Yep, there are parents who never took their kids to the library and I know a lot of them.

Really makes you wonder.

Loved the picture

Socrates' Layman said...

My parents never took me to the library... they forced me to get on my bike and ride over there and told me that I wasn't to return until my book report was finished... darn Casperson parents!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, summer before 5th grade in Idaho Springs. This Lubbock girl discovered Pearl Buck at the Idaho Springs Library. Then read all her books. Then discovered Louisa May Alcott. Then discovered Zane Grey. Many a Casperson wandered those aisles. Sweet memories. Set Ayat

Shannon said...

That really IS sad. By age 10, I was spending all summer at the library in our little town, 1, because I loved to read, and 2, it was air-conditioned and it was nice to be able to escape the heat. I loved being able to grab a book and plunk down on the floor between the stacks and read for an hour or two. I am glad to say my kids are good friends with our local library/ies!