Recently Overheard

Lily has been pretending to be a reindeer lately--with the red nose. She takes a red marker and draws a big red circle on her nose. So this morning she was Rudolph and this is what I heard.

Lily: Zinabu, you have to make my bed for me.

Zinabu: Why?

Lily: Because I am a reindeer and I have hooves, not hands. I can't do it.

Zinabu: Okay!

What a sucker.


Christina said...

I so needed a laugh today. Thank you, Lilly. :)

Mark and Sarah said...

I had to share that one with my husband. Too much.

Totally logical from L, and a legitimate response from Z. Why of course, you can't make your bed if you have hooves...duh!

Old Men Reflect said...

Big sisters pull stuff like that. Ask your Mother.

jayme said...

Lilly is awesome! I wonder what will happen if I try that one?

Mount Cutler said...

Can I use that line?

KelseyChristine said...

hahahahahahah this is wonderful. smart girl :)

Chatter said...

This is HILARIOUS and not at all surprising. They crack me up. Your kids have the best stories.