The Perfect Storm

We had an unexpected snow storm yesterday and it made the end of our Thanksgiving break such a delight. Let me tell you, when we bought our house we had no idea that the big hill at the park across the street would be such a major part of our lives. When it snows, my kids become sledding/snowboarding fools. Carver was literally gone all day. Lily and Z went in phases. 2 hours sledding, then 2 hours inside. The snow was beautiful, and we had a fun, fun day being together.

Lily and Zinabu are under the red quilt, pretending to be elephants. They were a riot.

I don't get out Christmas decorations until 2 weeks before Christmas. But we did make paper chains to count down how many days until Christmas. Each kid got one attached to their chair. The bonus? It makes for better table manners since they don't want to accidentally damage their chains.

Sugar cookies! We baked and I let the kids decorate with abandon. Aren't they ugly? Ooooh, I love kid projects. And the best part is they taste just as yummy no matter how they look.
{Don't forget! If you're a coffee drinker, go to Starbucks today to help contribute to the Global Aids Fund.}


jayme said...

I miss Colorado. One day we'll get back there. And meeting you guys is tops on my list of things to do when we do come!

I love the "under the blanket pretending to be elephants" picture. My children have a newfound obsession with camels. No idea where that came from! Several times throughout the day they pretend that something (or someone) is a camel, and then laugh hysterically.

Heather & Adam said...

Adam is near you right now, in a hotel getting ready to go to the ChickFilA to do a job! He said the snow is surreal, and that it's beautiful and that I would love it. Wait, I THINK he is near you...Hmmm.
Anyway, more than a dusting here and life screeches to a halt. You guys rock.