Obligatory Elementary Holiday Musical
Try saying THAT three times fast. Last night was the holiday music concert at the kids' school. Orchestra, band, and choir. It was so sweet, albeit sometimes squeaky and shrill...but you just can't beat a bunch of kids dressed up and singing and playing instruments. Carver loves music and loves to perform. He had a hard time deciding between his regular red tie or his blue bow tie, so he wore the red tie to school and the bow tie for the evening performance. I was so proud of him for not getting any food or dirt on his white shirt. A true Christmas miracle!

Some of Carver's friends. Jada is the girl on the left and she is one of Carver's best friends. They eat lunch together every day and she gives him butterscotch pudding and tells funny knock-knock jokes. She is the sweetest little thing.

Carver getting ready to play. He had a ball!

We had a fabulous snow storm last night and we are hibernating today, so I have no more excuses not to clean the house. Really. No more excuses!


Mrs. Baker said...

How handsome in his holiday tie!!!!

I know I have a mountain - literally a mountain of laundry to try and tackle....argh!

Courtney Orrange said...

what a handsome guy you have there!