At The Germ Factory....(I Mean, Zoo)

That is Zinabu's hand and a giraffe tongue. Right after this, Lily had a turn. Mmmmmmm!

Me and my new pal!

The African Millipede, that everyone touched, of course. We had a great time at the zoo the other night. The lights they put up are fantastic, and the animals were all rowdy and active. We saw the mountain lion feeding, and that pretty much put the fear of God in each of us. It got chilly that night, but the zoo makes small bonfires at different stations, so we warmed our noses at appropriate times.
Today I am going to my cousin's wedding shower, which means for the first time in a few days I will get fully dressed and engage in stimulating conversation. David is still so brain-fried from his PhD program and work that he's just now speaking in coherent sentences. Bless his heart.


Chatter said...

I LOVE your hair!! I am convinced now I should get mine cut. Would you mind sending me close up pics of the sides and back?

Looks like you had a great time at the zoo. Your family is so ambitious. How do you do it?

Heather & Adam said...

Ditto on the haircut! You look fabulous.
The giraffe's tounge, not so much.