Have I mentioned how much I love my blog family? You are amazing. The update on Grace is that they've almost completely ruled out bacterial meningitis and are zoning in on a central nervous system infection, or encephalitis (no clue how to spell that), which is an infection in the brain. She remains in ICU, on lots of meds to prevent seizures and movement, and she is strapped in the type of bed that keeps her immobile. The scariest part is that she has not yet fully regained the ability to speak and there is the chance of permanent brain damage. Several of us are doing what any of you would do--which is make calls, take turns watching her other child, make meals, and offer support. Because you just feel so helpless.

This has brought back horrible memories of when Z was in the hospital. Thankfully we are past that and hope and pray Grace will be home, completely recovered, soon.


Heather & Adam said...

Oh, wow. I just clicked on to your blog after my list just wouldn't update for me.
This is scary and I can't imagine what your friend is going through. I'm glad she has someone like you to help. They are in our thoughts and prayers!

Deirdre said...

Sending all sorts of good thoughts to you, your friend, and her sweet daughter. I just can't imagine, honestly.

jayme said...

Oh wow... what an awful, scary situation. Sending positive thoughts and wishes for comfort and answers their way. I'm glad to hear that they've got such a supportive network of friends around them.